Lest they forget their roots, this isn’t any kind of Birthday Party--
It’s The Shlain Seventies Triple Birthday Party Bash!
Think geodesic domes (we had), The Brady Bunch (we watched), Disco (we boogied), Zepplin (we rocked), Rubik's cube (Jordan’s 1st tv appearance), Judy Blume's "Forever" (page 82, "Ralph"), Paco Rabanne (we smelled), "Feeling Groovy," (we felt groovy), and so much more.

Your Hosts: Leonard & Ina Shlain*

  • What: Kimberly, Jordan & Tiffany's Birthday Party
  • When: Saturday, April 30th, 7pm
  • Where: The Shlain Manor
    40 Century Drive Mill Valley, Ca 94941 | 415.383.6344
    (yes, the house where the sunroof opens over the waterbed)
  • Dress: 70's Groovy

*shlain \’shlan \ n: unique last name of Russian origins;
POSSIBLE MEANINGS: 1 : Sound sword makes as it’s pulled from sheath 2 : fresh powder that fans from back of skis when turning in virgin snow. 3 : Acquired taste (of certain cheese). MOST COMMON MISPRONUNCIATION: “Slain”: this is esp. unfortunate if Shlain is a doctor. MOST COMMON MISSPELLING: “S-c-h-l-a-i-n" MOST COMMON CORRECTIONS OF MOST COMMON MISSPELLING: 1. “No Ma’am, it’s spelled like brain with a shl”. Or (2.) “Actually, sir, there's no c in "shit", so why should there by a c in Shlain?; APPROX. AMOUNT OF TIME LOST OVER LIFETIME SPELLING “Shlain” FOR PEOPLE OVER PHONE: 2 years, 7 weeks, 8 hours.